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Fresh produce from Boston Organics

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Last year, I went through a period of semi-vegetarianism. It only lasted a month and a half or so, but I felt great only eating meat twice through that entire period—and then just to finish off food I already had in the house. During this time I started getting deliveries from Boston Organics, which delivers fresh, organic produce right to your door. Here’s their mission statement:

Boston Organics is committed to delivering fresh organic produce to our customers each week, while focusing on convenience, variety, and value. As we grow we strive to respect the environment and to support local farms, local businesses, and fair-trade practices.

Boston Organics isn’t a CSA, but they do offer a “Dogma box,” which contains (relatively) locally sourced produce. Whether you pick the Dogma box or one of their many other choices, it’s a great program, and it’s reasonably priced for organic fruits and vegetables, especially when you consider that in the majority of cases there’s no extra charge for shipping. If you’re interested, I highly recommend it—I was always extremely pleased with the quality of the produce. Unfortunately, for a while I simply wasn’t home enough to make it worthwhile to continue; however, now that I am, I’ve happily signed up again. Our first delivery came on Thursday, 9 June.

The first week's take: pink lady apples, bananas, mango, nectarines, pears, tangelos, asparagus, carrots, mint, potatoes, and red leaf lettuce.

As you can see, everything looks extremely fresh and delicious. Mike and I have signed up for deliveries every other week, which will allow us to supplement this with farmers market and supermarket purchases while still forcing us to try new things as they arrive on our doorstep. (I’m especially looking forward to beets again—borscht was my favorite discovery last year.) Expect to see future updates on delicious meals made from Boston Organics produce as the deliveries continue.


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