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The Food Project

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It’s been a while! This semester has been pretty crazy for me, since I’m taking three classes while also working two jobs (plus, occasionally, I like to pretend I have a life outside of those things). So, I’ll keep this one quick. Farmers’ market season may be drawing to a close, but as a follow-up to my post on supporting local farms, I’d like to bring to your attention a local program called The Food Project.

Teens work The Food Project's stand at a local farmers' market. (Spices of Life, "The Food Project," September 29, 2007, Creative Commons Attribution.)

The Food Project works with teens and volunteers to farm produce and distributes that produce to local hunger-relief organizations, farmers’ markets, and CSAs. Here are some videos that explain the project further:

It looks like a great program, both in terms of sustainable farming without pesticides and community service. What a wonderful way to get kids involved and inspired.


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