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Tuesday tacos and Friday flowers

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My fiancé has reminded me that I’ve been neglecting this blog, so here I am not neglecting it. The sedums (and vinca) are growing nicely in the window boxes, and the city is alive with new green life. I always love the contrast of dark, damp soil from April and May rains and the bright green of new buds.

I’m really pleased with the way the sedums and vinca are coming in. The vinca is already past its prime flowering time, it seems.

There’s plenty budding inside, too. Earlier this spring, I planted just over 15 herbs and other small plants into mason jars. Assuming that they keep growing well (a few have died, but many of them seem to be happy enough), these will be the centerpieces at out wedding. See my last post for details on what was planted.

The plant life that’s really been captivating my attention recently, though, has been my Friday flowers. Every Friday, after work, I’ve been dropping by the florist section of a local supermarket and picking up something from their $4 selection. They aren’t the best plants around, but they really do brighten the room. We all deserve to have nice things. Besides—we didn’t register for a fancy vase for nothing!

Last week’s selection. We had the same flower in a different color the previous week, but they didn’t last more than a week. These are still going strong, so I moved them into the smaller vase in the kitchen.

This week’s pick. Anything daisy-like seems to last for two weeks easily, so I try to get these every so often. It’s nice when we can have flowers both in the living room (as here) and the kitchen (above).

In the food realm, I haven’t had time to do much experimenting (or even bake any bread), but I have at least been attempting to give us a healthier, more well-rounded diet. (It’s easy to just default to pasta when things are as hectic as they have been.) This plus a random craving lead to what I hope will not be a one-off event: Taco Tuesday.

Who doesn’t love taco night? We kept it simple, but delicious—ground beef, lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream, jalapeños, and of course tortilla chips for extra munching.

After dinner, there was a bit of shredded lettuce left over. Emerson wasn’t complaining.

Taco Tuesdays: Bunny-approved.


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