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So much for writing more often. Winter has come and gone… er, okay, maybe not so much gone—but at least it’s March. Despite a temperature of −2°F this morning, I started running again after weeks of procrastination, only to realize later in the day just what a good idea that was. After all, I’m running my second half marathon in May, and the training program I’ve picked is 12 weeks long. Which means I need to start training, oh, this week. (Yeah, that one certainly crept up on me.)

I feel a bit guilty for not having cataloged winter on the blog, so I’ll give the abbreviated Instagram tour, which at least covers the last month or so:

Another sub-zero morning. #mortalkombat #getoverhere

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This afternoon in Sunderland. #westernmass #pioneervalley

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Snowy Sunderland.

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True love. #puppylove

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I’ve enjoyed this winter immensely, but I’ll still be glad when the snow-turned-ice finally melts and reopens some of my preferred running routes again. My first summer in the Pioneer Valley was lovely and not at all oppressively hot (I am not typically much of a summer person), so I am strangely looking forward to the approaching change of season.

And there’s hope! Just this morning, a bit of spring was finally peeking through—albeit in our kitchen.

Accidental kitchen garden.

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