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Knitting hearts and love

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May in western Massachusetts felt quite a bit like summer, with a bunch of high-80s and low-90s days, so when the weather cooled off again, I think it tricked my brain into thinking the worst was over. (Summer is not my favorite of the seasons. It’s not conducive to knitting!) July has reminded me what a fool I’ve been, and between the warm days and evening oven use, our apartment is feeling pretty stuff these days. And it’s a shame, too, because I have a really pretty sweater that I am just dying to wear.


I love how the cables mimic little hearts.


The cables on the front mirror those in the back. And you can’t tell here, but those buttons are quite pretty.

Yup, it’s I Heart Cardigans, finally completed (back in early June, actually). I am crazy proud of it—it’s my first sweater, four months in the making. A lot of time and love went into this. I was more patient with this project than I have ever been—totally comfortable with each stitch taking as much time as was needed—and the result is an extremely wearable and, dare I say it, quite attractive sweater. I’m a sucker for cables, and these are some real beauties.

In the time since, my needles haven’t exactly been quiet. I’ve cast on for two other sweaters—one light and airy (Tule), one bulky and warm (Campus Jacket)—and have finished two shawls. One is a gift that I won’t post here, but the other was entirely selfish; I wanted something hand-knit to bring with me on an upcoming weekend trip to see family, and I’ve been hoarding a few hanks of luscious, self-striping shawl yarn for myself.


My peacock shawl—basic stockinette with a garter-stitch border, knit with Caterpillargreen Yarns MCN fingering shawl stripe.


The “peacock” colorway is something of a muted rainbow. Just lovely.

I was working on this project in late June when the Supreme Court of the United States made its decision regarding marriage equality. Given that, the nature of the colorway, and the fact that this is based on Tanis’s Prism Shawl pattern (while also being a complete copycat of her project)*, I like to think of this as my marriage-equality shawl. It will be so nice to be able to make that association every time I wear this in the years to come, a pleasant memory knit up into the fabric of a shawl.

I hope to make decent progress on Tule while traveling this weekend—how nice to have a sweater project that is also extremely portable and good summer knitting! But that doesn’t mean I’m still not looking forward to surrounding myself in layers of wool during the cooler days of fall.

*Okay, this post is clearly a bit Tanis-obsessed, but I swear I’m not stalking her or anything. (Even if I did snag some sock yarn from her recently, too. That one-day-only “cosmic” colorway was just too delicious to pass up.)


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Bookbinder, knitter, spinner, singer, runner, vegetarian, & sometime poet.

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