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Rhinebeck: fiber paradise

Living in the Pioneer Valley, I’m blessed to be constantly surrounded by a beautiful landscape. I’m also lucky to be right nearby one of the greatest yarn stores in the world, Webs, and just a few hours drive from The New York Sheep and Wool Festival—a true fiber paradise. Webs runs a bus trip out to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds every year, and this year I finally decided to take advantage of it.


I’d never been to Rhinebeck before, and I was prepared for it to be awesome (it was) and overwhelming (it was). What I wasn’t fully prepared for was just how stunning the scenery would be.

Autumn in Rhinebeck

How’s this for a lunchtime view?

Autumn in Rhinebeck

Within the first few minutes of arriving, I’d already spotted Amy Herzog and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (yes, there was kinnearing), and of course I saw other famous fiber-types like Clara Parkes and Kristine Vejar in the book-signing area.  I was too shy to actually speak to any of them, but it was fantastic just to be in the presence of so many inspiring, like-minded people, familiar and otherwise.


But—and this will probably be no surprise—the highlight of the day was, for me, the animals—the sweet, beautiful creatures that make it all possible.



Llama and alpaca parade

Llama munching


I didn’t do much shopping, having spent much of the day petting sheep and taking in the overall atmosphere, but I did pick up some lovely, undyed alpaca yarn…

Alpaca yarn

…and a gorgeous Kundert spindle, with which I am completely in love.


It was an amazing, if exhausting, day; I loved every minute of it.

Who’s ready for next year?

Autumn in Rhinebeck